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Colony RP on NARC_RP


Event details



    • Initial spawn is Sappers/Partizanis/Sailors

    • There will be some tasks and goals setted by the admins. Initially to build survival such as Individual Housing, Farms, Hunters Hats, Fisheries.

    • Colonists will be encouraged to build specific types of buildings related to certain techonologies.

    • You have to make the colonies core makeup as a fuctional town. (PD= Allows a Police Force, Community Centre= Allows Elections/Executions, Mayors House= Allows Mayor, Lawmaking, Church= Allows Religion, Doctors Office= Allows Surgeon). All other buildings built by players can serve as purely RP related buildings such as (Gang Hideouts, Bridges, Taverns). 

    • There will be several events and activities by the admins relative to the Colonies timeline aswell as incoporating the outcome of these events (Positive or Negative) into the RP in a fluid fashion.

    • There will be 3 parts for this event, each part will be played each week until the event is finished. Also whatever you build will be placed on the map by our mappers and you will have access to them.

    • You will start on a map that includes hills, rivers, forests. Also there will be buildings around the map that contain guns and food. You will be able to fish, cut trees, hunt birds and mine. In order to do these things you first have to work as a team and research this kind of technology.


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