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Indian Chiefdom Event


This is an official event featuring the new "Duchy RP" with a theme set in 18th century India. You will be roleplaying as members of a small chiefdom (which can grow to a kingdom!). With an economy system, feudal system and even political systems to bolster the RP into a living world of its own, you have tons of opportunity awaiting you in this event.


Are you thirsty for blood? Join one of the King's lords and fight under a noble banner, or even, take up arms as a mercenary, changing your allegiance based on coin.

Wish for a peaceful life as an honest member of society? Join a guild and enjoy the benefit of reduced taxes while earning money doing your work as a miner, farmer, fisherman or more!

Feeling spiritual? You may become helpers to the Khojas or even a Khoja yourself! The Khojas hold a great amount of power in this society, the kings respect them and the commoners obey them. 

Feeling like building a family? Go ahead and have your marriage done with a Khoja to be elidgible for adopting a child! (Usually a willing volunteer)


The opportunity in this RP is endless. However, as you lead your lives, you mustn't forget that you are currently living in some of the most turbulent times the Indian subcontinent has faced. War has become a common occurence, and British merchants encroach further and further upon Indian soil. 

After all is said and done, you must be ready to pick up arms for the Nawab!

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