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The NWE Campaign Team are proud to present our 9th main-line campaign:
Using Mount & Blade Warband’s Native lore as a base, we’ve built a rich and immersive setting, appropriate to host some of the best new features of any campaign so far! In Calradia 1817, there will be:
-New Skins
-New Maps
-New Battle Types
-New Strategic Mechanics
All of which are based on feedback from our wide-reaching player survey.
The Rhodok Republic’s conquest of Calradia was swift and brutal. The same leaders who built the continent’s most powerful army ever seen were equally as efficient administrators of their new continent-spanning state. In mere months, the Great Republic of Calradia was a cohesive state uniting all Calradian cultures under one banner, able to tap into the matchless economic potential of Calradia’s industrial northern heartland. 
Without interference from abroad, the Great Republic is on track to gain absolute global economic dominance. But the current hegemons will not allow this lightly, and have formed a Grand Coalition to enter Calradia and carve its wealth and resources up as ruthlessly as they intend to deal with the Republic’s armies. 
-The first event of the campaign will take place on Friday 28th April 2023, with events thereafter over an 8 week period, starting every Saturday and Sunday at 3pm EST/8pm BST/9pm CEST.
-Events are public! No sign up required, all are welcome. At the start of an event, simply join the NW_Public_Events server!
-Anyone can help to lead a faction - we will be accepting leadership applications on the NWRP forums soon, stay tuned for the link.
-The progress of the campaign can be followed here: https://nwrp.eu/campaign/#2/2312.0/1712.0
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Battle of Eylau
The first part of a 3-battle historical event chain 
The battle at Eylau was fought in a snowstorm, and involved one of the largest cavalry charges in history. 

NRP Feedback Survey 2022
A form to gather the feedback on how we have performed this year and to decide on how NRP will operate in the coming year. Share the form far and wide; the more people who fill it out will help us more accurately determine what the community wants.

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Iron Europe Mini-campaign
An Iron Europe mini-campaign will start on the 3rd of December, with events every Saturday and Sunday for 3 weeks straight. In the meantime, make sure you get the mod installed: we will be using v2.1 as attached. You will need to install the 2.0 file first and then overwrite it with the 2.1 file.

Jailbreak Event
Event on the 19th_Jailbreak server

NARC Map making competition 2022!
Announcing the map making competition 2022! This is designed for both new and experienced mappers to join in and have fun. We especially are interested in new mappers as we need more mappers for NARC RP (and NRP campaign events!)
There will be two categories - a new mapper category for mappers who are brand new to mapmaking ONLY, and an experienced mapmaking for people who have made maps before!
If you are a new mapper then please visit the #mapmaking channel in the NWRP discord to learn, we will help you if you have any questions or are looking for guides on how to start!
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899371360 Here is an old guide we made back in 2017 for Jailbreak, but it still teaches you all of the lessons.
Please submit maps to the relevant thread (
If there are a lot of map submissions, a shortlist will be created by admins before going to a public vote.
There will be a £20 prize pool for the winner of both categories voted by both players and admins.
Maps will be judged on their style, originality and how fun they are to play. Maps should either be intended to be played with a pre-existing RP (For example, Town RP, Southguard, Kingdoms, Frontiers, Hunger Games, Deathball, Murderboat ETC. Any RP is fine!) or if you are feeling really creative, your own original RP! (Make sure to include the ruleset and a brief explanation of how to play in the map submission thread.)
Good luck!
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Campaign Battle - Calradia 1815
Campaign Event on Napoleonic Wars module
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Jailbreak Event
Event on the 19th_Jailbreak server

Here's the link to the CALRADIA 1815 rules in full: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10leZUhYR23ZdaEHZcHnu9T8pbinzixkUQYbAAm7arQA/edit?usp=sharing
Any questions? Please direct to me! I will be glad to answer any questions on this thread, or in my Discord DMs: @SELH01#9108
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Campaign 8.0 is on the horizon!
For Each Faction we will need:
This role is the most important for each faction. This person will be responsible for managing the whole faction, they will be dealing with handing out the officer slots before the campaign battles start and have responsibility over moving the troops around the campaign map.
You will be helping out your faction leader to command their troops and help them choose where to move on the map. You will be the one who will step up to the role if the leader is away. You will also aid in selecting officers and be a senior advisor to the faction leader.
If you want to be a Faction Leader or 2IC then you will NEED a Microphone and be prepared to be active for the majority of events.
Leaders are going to have to abide by new rules and cooperate closely with staff or they may be removed.
Officers and Generals can apply here to show interest in leading in-game but will ultimately be chosen by the Faction Leader.
If you think you have what it takes to lead a Faction then fill out the form beneath:
In-Game Username:
Discord Username:
Steam: (Link to your profile)
Preferred role: (Faction Leader/Second in Command/General/Officer)
Preferred faction: (Rhodoks/Sarranids)
Why you'd like to lead: (Multiple Reasons)
What makes you a good leader: (Multiple Reasons)
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In what may be the speediest turnaround for any NRP Campaign ever, I am pleased to announce the creation of a truly innovative NRP Campaign:
So what can you expect to see from this campaign?
-New, improved, complex mechanics
-Increased freedom for faction leadership
-New maps 
-New unit skins
-New server-side scripts
And what's this campaign actually about?
After the incessant warfare beginning in 1257, the foundations were laid for one great empire to rise. Slowly, they conquered. Savvy political alliances and superior martial might made them the foremost continental power. Some nations were conquered. Others became insignificant satellite states. The ancient cultures of others simply could not keep up, and they fell into obscurity. As time marched on, the divinity of sword and bow gave way to musket and cannon. The empire's princes and lords bickered among themselves. Their rivals found unity in the enlightened ideals of democracy, or beneath the auspices of singular mighty men, each ready to mould the coming world in their righteous image. This empire has fallen, and its two greatest rivals sharpen their bayonets and prepare to march on the road of smoke and steel into eternal glory...
This upcoming campaign will see two factions clash in their quest to conquer the remains of a once unmatched empire. 
Stay tuned over the next few days as we release more devblogs.
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The Deluge - Siege of Vienna Event Part II: The Aftermath
Server: Deluge_Public_Events
This weekend we are continuing the tradition of NRP mod events with an event on The Deluge mod, set during the Siege of Vienna. We will have sieges, field battles and winged hussar charges so make sure to be there!
The events will take place on 20 & 21 August at 8 PM BST - 9 PM CEST
Links for the mod:
Also note that the Steam Workshop version isn't compatible with the version we will be using so don't install that one!

Server: Deluge_Public_Events
This weekend we are continuing the tradition of NRP mod events with an event on The Deluge mod, set during the Siege of Vienna. We will have sieges, field battles and winged hussar charges so make sure to be there!
The events will take place on 20 & 21 August at 8 PM BST - 9 PM CEST
Links for the mod:
Also note that the Steam Workshop version isn't compatible with the version we will be using so don't install that one!

Jailbreak Event
Monthly Jailbreak event on the 19th_Jailbreak server

Jailbreak Event
Public event on the 19th_Jailbreak server

Server: Napoleonic_Role_Play
On the 18th of June, every year for the last 8 years we have celebrated the Anniversary of Waterloo. This only happens once a year and this year we are lucky enough for it to fall on a Saturday.
The Waterloo Event will be at 8pm BST and like the 2 years before we'll be splitting it into parts:
1st, The Defence of Hougoumont
2nd, The Charge of the Scots Greys
3rd, Lancers Counter the Charge
4th, Ney's Cavalry Charge
5th, All of the Battle is Unleashed
6th, The Advance of the 71st Highlanders
and finally, Napoleon Commits the Old Guard

On the 29th of April the Napoleonic Total War Tournament will start and the signups are now Open! It will be on Vanilla NTW and will be open to anyone of any skillset.

In order to join, signup on https://forms.gle/chuDHvN8CHvbxDHg8 and then an admin will quickly give you a role and all the other information you need on the discord!

If you're interested, here is a set of the rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o3glT12POYW4iB4DUPI5FSoG1FEJYcrwZ8D3jpSGU5A/edit?usp=sharing

Monthly Jailbreak event on 19th_Jailbreak

Battle Cry of Freedom Demo Event
Join us on our server - Civil War Role Play - to try out new game of Napoleonic Wars creators - Battle Cry of Freedom - for free

19th_Jailbreak Event
Monthly Jailbreak Event

Post your group application like this
Group name: (not too long/complex)
Tag: (all members have to join event with this tag in their name)
Uniform: (name the exact torso that all members will wear. No shirtless or partizani rags)
Flag: (any nations flag or rebel flag)
Base location: (some bases will have a safer location than others. Bases with a more dangerous location are compensated with more supplies nearby or better defences) give a number from 1 to 5. 1 being safest and 5 most dangerous.
Members: (name all your members by their in game name. You can add more members later, but no more than 12. People without a group will be assigned to one randomly)
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Here are the results of 2021's Feedback:
It's open for everyone to read the results. These results will be used over the next year to take our community in the direction you want it taken in, so thank you to the people who took the time to fill it out. This was the highest amount of responses we've had in 4 years!
Take a moment out of your day to look at the responses, I'm sure they'll entertain you! 

It is time for the annual NRP Feedback!


Not all questions are mandatory since some of you won't go to campaigns or events and others won't play on NARC. You answers allow us to more accurately cater the server to your wants and wishes, if you've been here years or not even a month, it doesn't matter to us; show us what you would like from our Community!
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Final battle of the North and South Campaign
The Union has emerged victorious and the final remnants of the Confederate States Army have launched last ditch attacks in Louisiana and Arkansas. Come and join us tonight for the final battle before we conclude this campaign!
Server: NaS_Public_Events
Mod download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nfhejsnWXHALe_6wqBU_HwKYMV3PLN80/view
Map: https://forums.nwrp.eu/campaign
Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1viACnh1YgkUrzKhdxrhJsPuBsBBST5xq6oMWYI_BVEE/edit

Indian Chiefdom Event
This is an official event featuring the new "Duchy RP" with a theme set in 18th century India. You will be roleplaying as members of a small chiefdom (which can grow to a kingdom!). With an economy system, feudal system and even political systems to bolster the RP into a living world of its own, you have tons of opportunity awaiting you in this event.
Are you thirsty for blood? Join one of the King's lords and fight under a noble banner, or even, take up arms as a mercenary, changing your allegiance based on coin.
Wish for a peaceful life as an honest member of society? Join a guild and enjoy the benefit of reduced taxes while earning money doing your work as a miner, farmer, fisherman or more!
Feeling spiritual? You may become helpers to the Khojas or even a Khoja yourself! The Khojas hold a great amount of power in this society, the kings respect them and the commoners obey them. 
Feeling like building a family? Go ahead and have your marriage done with a Khoja to be elidgible for adopting a child! (Usually a willing volunteer)
The opportunity in this RP is endless. However, as you lead your lives, you mustn't forget that you are currently living in some of the most turbulent times the Indian subcontinent has faced. War has become a common occurence, and British merchants encroach further and further upon Indian soil. 
After all is said and done, you must be ready to pick up arms for the Nawab!

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