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Found 7 results

  1. The charge resulted in short and bloody bayonet-combat. After a few minutes of fighting, the Jacobite army had been defeated! Thank you all for coming to the event!
  2. The Governmental army charges the Irish support infantry. The British, confident in their victory face a storm of bullets.
  3. The British, confident of their victory pursue their fleeing enemies.
  4. The Jacobite infantry charges the British Governmental lines in front of them. 2 well organized volleys manage to decimate the advancing clans and rout the survivors. Here you can see the first volley.
  5. The Jacobite infantry forming up before charging!
  6. Chaos in the forest near Nairn. The British garrison cut of the jacobite advance resulting in a mass rout.
  7. The Jacobite team changes history by not running away. Ultimately they manage to win the day and repel the government army attack!
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