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Found 25 results

  1. Fill out this poll https://strawpoll.com/366cwfsa
  2. gay-at-arms

    New RP Ideas for NARC

    If you have any ideas for new RPs that can be played in NARC, you can propose them here.
  3. Suppolulium

    Humble suggestion for NARC_RP

    Could there perhaps be a court-like system for people about to be banned/kicked, so they can defend themselves? The other day in a town rp i was banned for 1 hour (i think) for something that i didn't even get to know what it was really about. The admin that banned me had told that we can attack the enemy hideouts at 23:00, then when it was around 20:00 already, i attacked such a hideout, after wich i was banned immedietly. The one hour ban didn't bother me as much, but the defencelessness of the one being banned quite bothers me in such cases. If thee cannot already tell: Suppolulium
  5. I've come to the realization recently that this community and more specifically this video game server, Napoleonic Role Play, is on its way out. The campaigns were a good idea, and they could have potentially saved the server - there's definitely some interest in this old and dead game (a few of my friends recently bought it after they saw me playing it). However, the quality of the administration team has gone down considerably since it started. The original admins who started out the campaign (rather strong, btw) have moved on, and now the events are left in the hands of whoever the fuck manages to log on, and it usually happens to be Chinese, a few edgy JB kids, or one or two people who might actually want to be completely fair and unbiased but are afraid to make their own decisions when a higher ranking admin is online (Usually Chinese is online, since he's an active participant in the campaign and he's one of the highest ranking admins, being senior admin, ex-executive admin) When I was an admin, I would either admin the server OR participate in a campaign battle because I recognize that being committed to one side of the campaign while also acting as a campaign admin (Calling all-charge) would be a severe conflict of interest. Unfortunately, the current admin team doesn't appear to share my beliefs about that. Chinese was acting as campaign admin despite committing to a single side and in doing so, he put all of NRP into the exact situation I tried to avoid when I was an admin. Despite the battle going on for 15 minutes or so and players all calling for all-charge, he thought it best to pull his team back to consolidate and get a clear advantage. Strategically, I fully understand and support what he did. It was a smart move But campaign admins need to be unbiased. Situations like I mentioned above are severe conflicts of interest, and they're always going to cause drama. That's why NRP campaigns need admins who are not invested in the factions themselves, but the success of the campaign/server as a whole. Before we start the development of another campaign, we need to draw clear lines to prevent shit like this from happening again.
  6. How about organize battles more often than 1 per week?
  7. Noob

    CSGO rp idea

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/16WQRmESCtJPWb8DRKzwf71a10YjjZWucvlyb9yaBWms/edit?usp=sharing just a quick Idea I made for a RP that is fast paced and lots of combat. Also made for 10 to 20 players
  8. Please give us Donators a discord chat on the NRP channel to talk about donatory things, and so we can talk without being troubled by the casual plebs <3
  9. [59th] Darkslayer

    Role Play Suggestions

    If you would like to put forward a Roleplay please do. If it's liked by the admin team we might even try it out
  10. lonehunter32


    We need to bring back this wonderful emoji seeing as we have no other laugh emoji.
  11. The Guy

    New RP Suggestions

    As a member of the staff who has to manage RPs and as a person who has also invented their own Rps I'd like to ask the rest of the community for any suggestions on new RPs. Please list the title of your RP and the rules/gameplay etc and maybe it'll even end up as an official one if it's good.
  12. Wilhelm_II

    Grenade Removal Poll

    Reupload of Diomedes' previous topic for re-evaluation. Still unbalanced, overpowered annoyances as they were when they were first implemented. Only a handful of players would complain about their removal (those who always take footguard to use nades to increase their kills). Even adding a fuse did not balance them as sometimes you cant see where they land. I am sure they didn't work as mobile artillery historically like in game.
  13. Yesterday on 19th training we (me, Wargs and Llama) had fun roleplaying. I've choosen arty class to fight with ramrod one time. Wargs told me that we can make 1v1 ramrod fight after he dies, but then Llama came, killed me, stole my ramrod and ran away shouting that ''Its mine ramrod of power!'' Next 20 minutes we fighted to death for that ramrod, later Zebaty51 joined and he was also fighting for OP ramrod. Thats my idea. Golden Ramrod RP. Setup: Factions: Russia vs Random (for admins). Map: (i don't know maps very well, it needs to be small or just typical HG map, good if it have parkour). Admin choose arty class and drops ramrod (or suiciding) at middle of the map. Rules: Ruskies choose partizani. Friendlyfire on after 1 minute. Respawn all every 30 seconds. Friendlyfire off after 2-3 minutes. Then player that will have ramrod wins.
  14. Hey everyone, shepcunt here and I personally would like to get to the point and suggest a change to the way we handle the story of the NRP campaign, from the initial ideas I interpreted it as something that would have an official hub that would be added to by the admins and made official in the lore taking perspective from all factions and leaders as well as telling grand tales of heroism, however it hasn't been nearly as structured and seems to just be a "post your best moments of the campaign here" deal with a tiny smidgen of lore each week. I therefore propose that the lore and story should be overseen by a team of 3 or more admins a round (one for each faction looking for heroism and the other looking at the general way the battle goes and picking out any interesting engagements), the admins would then collect the lore and consult with each other and the head of the campaign to pick out the appropriate things to include, then a comprehensive summary of the lore is included in an official place written by the team of admins. I believe that this could add the theme of the campaign's story being told to us by historians analysing the battles of a bygone era, it could also make the lore more consistent and organised as people would know the number of battles, what significant feats happened in those battles and all of the significant things that particular figures have done. Another more fun aspect of this would be that due to the lore being easily accessible in one place and more detailed it could be better utilised in the events, making the campaign feel more like a story instead of a competition. For example one application could be using a specific map with the troops being told to generally act a certain way due to the lore e.g. A wounded British garrison that has already lost a battle is defending nearby villages against the French, on the event announcement it could be mentioned how the french troops are full of hope and patriotic zeal ready to charge and finally wipe the garrison out, while the mood on the British side is melancholy with many of the troops only wanting to survive and so being told to be more cautious. This could also provide a nice way to asymmetrically balance the battles and add more flavour to them such as the Brits being on a hilltop with houses and so have an advantage on defence, however the hilltop could be a small area and so the french could easily surround it. The British would have to contend with low visibility due to the houses and being surrounded on all sides while the french would have to overcome the hill all while being fired upon by the British. (this may not be the best example but i'm sure you understand the concept) In conclusion I believe that treating the campaign as a story will allow us to add more variety and fun to it, if its expanded we could even have backstories and other small bits of lore incorporated to make an impact on the campaign, for example a french officer turns out to be British causing a rift in the ranks of the GR as the others debate weather or not to exile him, causing a schism in the republic. So yeah I hope the way we treat lore can be overhauled, I would be more than willing to help to make this a reality.
  15. Pew Pew You're Dead

    Official Script Suggestion Thread

    Post suggestions for scripts you want added for NRP here, so people will stop PMing me. It doesn't matter how retarded it is, so long as it works within the Warband Engine, I'll think about it.
  16. diomedes

    Removal of Grenades

    Still unbalanced, overpowered annoyances as they were when they were first implemented. Only a handful of players would complain about their removal (those who always take footguard to use nades to increase their kills). Even adding a fuse did not balance them as sometimes you cant see where they land. I am sure they didn't work as mobile artillery historically like in game.
  17. Rhodesian Floppy

    New Game Modes

    1) Sharks and minnows. *Minnows go medic and drop bandages and knives while the sharks go partizani. They run across an open field to where the admin (is a sapper) has made a finish line. Last minow that is alive wins. 2) Revolution RP. *City map where it's partizani vs militia* The partizani fight for control of a sector for the city and they have infinite lives while the militia are limited to two respawns. The partizani must reach a selected point in order to win while the militia try and hold them back for a required amount of time 3) Cav vs arty. *Open field map where there are 6+ cannons and 6+ artillerymen + 6+ horse trains. The cavalry can pick whatever class they want and they must reach the arty and kill all the artillerymen. Artillery guards are also allowed and line militia for the defenders.
  18. Chinese_Propaganda

    Nades + Melee

    Wouldnt it be fun to run up and hit someone over the head with a nade, knocking them dead?
  19. Since partisans are basicly irregular troops and mostly fighting out of revenge, I think it would add to the roleplay experience if partisans were allowed to kill yielders without orders from an admin or an officer.
  20. Private_Lenny

    More medals!

    I got some more ideas. Lets just hope Cinnaman wont chop the names and make them too easy like he did my last medal... So basically the server is lacking hard to get medals. The ones we have are way too easy to get. Still hoping that cinna adds my last medal under its right conditions and name! Anyway... Here are some more. And my medals have themed names because that is cooler. 1: The Alamo. To earn this medal be part of a defending force in any type of fortification (hilltops too i suppose). You must personally kill a min of 7 people before dying from your unyielding defense of the fort to the bitter end. 2: Don't tread on me. Same as the previous only this one requires that you survive. 3: Kim Jong Un. Blow up 10 or more people with any type of explosive (in one explosion). 4: Merkelmanship. Kill 7 or more people with a single canonball.
  21. Private_Lenny

    New Medal.

    Introducing the new, highly prestigious and future highly coveted medal.The "Saving Private Lenny" Medal. The ultimate show of skill and devotion to your brothers in arms. To recieve this medal, a lone fighter will kill a min of 5 enemies in order to free a kinsman awaiting execution. This can be either a regular prisoner or the hostage in hostage rp. Requirements: That there be a min of 5 enemies slain (Perhabs 2 guys could slay 8 and still get it). That you free the prisoner (he doesnt die in the freeing process). That you didnt rambo in order to do it. If your line is charging or melee fighting and you notice the execution being prepared close by its okay. That you do it alone (or maybe as 2 guys killing 8 or more). Possibly the medal could have an officer edition for ordering a charge with the intent of saving a teamate (the reason for the charge should be stated in chat before the charge for it to count. As in "Charge men, we have to save that guy" or something like that.
  22. so I was just sitting here staring at the donation page at thought to my self about asking a question. So the question is, is it possible to get a custom loadout (which means spawning weapon (For all you noobs)) and if so can we possibly do this, because I thought you want money (Well pew does) and this would be a chance for people to donate more to get a custom loadout for ingame. Of course, there would have to be a limit to what weapons you can have and what things you can't have, such as an admin gun or something along them lines. BUT WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK. ALSO WHAT @✪ SCANDYPANDY ✪ thinks.
  23. Explained in title, when an infantry regiment's officer die, the beacon should carry on to the flagbearer so that the regiment doesn't split up all over the place and some organization is at least enforced.
  24. Pew Pew You're Dead

    lets give sappers fire molotovs

    come on it'll be funny i have the script all ready and lined up
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