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NARC Dayz Event Rules


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At the start all players will be humans. Random players will join smallest groups.

Zombies will be bots. Game mode is siege so we can keep spawning bots. Random players who join late will play as zombies.


If you are killed by a human, your leader will have to spend 5000 gold to get you back.

Same thing if a zombie kills you, except if we roll a 1 or 2 you will become a zombie for the rest of the event.


Every 15 minutes, each group will have to pay 1000 gold for every living member in your group. You can choose not to buy back members until after those 15 minutes to avoid paying living cost for them. Beware, if all members die, your group will be dead and all members become zombies.


How to get money:


- Chopping trees

- Finding supply boxes and bringing them back to base (these are the boxes that would normally contain broken bottles, but for this event there will be howitzer shells inside. Bring them back to base and call admin to trade them in for 3000 gold each)

- Special supply drops

- Raiding other groups bases


What you can do with money:


- Pay living cost (1000 gold per living member)

- Buy back dead members (5000 gold per dead member)

- Buy armour

- Buy weapons from shops around the map


How raiding bases works:


No raiding until the first living cost collection is over (around 45:00 - 44:00) after admin announces collection is over, you can raid. Don't start a raid if there's less than a minute left until the next collection. (Don't start raid after 31:00, 16:00, 01:00 etc)


When trading in howitzer shells, the money will be given to the group leader. This money is "hidden" somewhere in the base. If you successfully raid a base we will roll for how much you find.

1/7 = 50%, 8-18 = 75%, 19-20 = 100%

On top of that, if the raid ends less than 6 minutes before next collection you only find half of that.


The leader doesn't have to hold all the money. Leader can give money to members to buy guns. If your base is raided but you have members outside, the money they have on them won't be taken, unless it's over 500 gold. Anything over that will be counted as part of the raid. Also if a member dies, they lose the money they had on them. Only the leader doesn't lose money when they die.


If your base gets raided and you don't have enough members alive to take it back, you can use an empty building as a temporary/new base where you can exchange supplies for money and buy back members.


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