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The Tale of Two Rocketmen's Love

The Tale of Two Rocketmen's Love


This is a very old picture. This might have been the first NRP screenshot I have ever taken, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I played as a rocketman for one of the first times. It was this nice random map, and this hill was against the map border. Me and another player of which I can't remember the name, played together as rocketmen, and talked it out that this would be THEE place to set up shop and rain memey death from above upon them. 

The first round we were obliterated from enemy cav. I remember saying in chat "please fuck off cav, just leave us alone" as our team was nowhere near us. As our screams were posted in chat, the enemy cavalry chopped us to bits, staining the white snow with our innocent blood. The screenshot was from the second round as you can see. We met a fate worse than death itself.

This round, we were killed by a lone rambo DRAGOON cav. We saw him coming, we knew what was going to happen, we didn't try to escape it. We accepted our fates, and my friend launched one more rocket, as I raged in chat that this one rambo dragoon cav was gonna meme us. But none of this was what the screenshot it about.

The screenshot is about our rocket launchers being on a beautiful date high up on the hill, overlooking the entire battle. It was romantic, and I remember talking to my now forgotten comrade about it looking like a date. The rambo dragoon could take our lives, but he could NOT move our rocket launchers out from the perfect view we had placed them in. The dragoon could kill us and make us sit in dead chat, but he could not take the happiness away from our launchers.

I hate fucking dragoons, but I will never forget this round and what it showed me:  we may die, but we have power over dragoon scum. I believe that @[19th] Fringo shares my hate for dragoons, and I hope this story can help mend his heart for all of the times all of us have suffered from their hand. My favorite unit in all of NW is the militia, and it is for the sole reason of "fuck cav".

For only 8 cents a day, you too can help heal the broken souls that have been killed by rambo dragoons. Please, think of the children. Thank you for reading. 

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