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CALRADIA 1817 Devblog: Factions


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The Great Republic of Calradia




In 1815, the Rhodok Republic defeated Calradia's other great power, the Sarranid Sultanate, in a total war that entirely annihilated the loser. With none able to oppose him, Consul Greaves declared the creation of the Great Republic of Calradia. In less than 2 years, under such an efficient central government, the Great Republic harnessed Calradia's economic potential and turned the continent-state into the fastest growing economy, with experts predicting they would be the richest nation on the globe in a decade or less.

     Though nominally a republic, there have been no elections since the Republic was created, and it is unclear who even has the franchise. However, the Premier Consul and the Senate have built such an efficient administration, that the people - even the Sarranids - are pleased, and no internal opposition has formed to challenge Greaves. But that is not to say everybody is satisifed...

     The government consists of the Premier Consul, the General-Tribunes who lead his army, and the Senators. 

The Calradic Army consists of the following lines:

Line 1 - The 1st Rhodok Infantry Regiment
Line 2 - The Sarranid Janissary Regiment

Line 3 - The 7th (Swadian) Infantry Regiment

Guards - The Consul's Own Nordic Guard

Lights - The 17th Vaegir Rifles of Reyvadin

Marines - The Khergit Seamen

Hussars - The Khan-Tribune's Light Horse

Lancers - The Swadian Lancers

Dragoons - The 16th Khergit Dragoons

Cuirassiers - The Noble Swadian Heavy Company

Carabiniers - The 22nd Desert Horse Regiment

Guard Cavalry - The Rhodok Guard




The Grand Coalition of Balion, Geroia and Jumne



Calradia's economic rise threatened the globe's other two economic powers - the Kingdom of Balion, and the Geroian League. The Kingdom of Balion is the world's foremost maritime empire, who made its wealth through the conquering and subjugation of indigenous cultures in far off foreign lands. The Geroian League is a collection of merchant states of varied government types, and the world's banking centre. They are joined the the Kingdom of Jumne - also known as Nordland, the homeland of the Calradian Nords and sea raiders. They are a smaller nation, but their Crown Prince has come to command an army, hoping that victory will bring heightened status to his father's kingdom. 

     Together, these nations have a vast population, and are all just as experienced in war as the Calradians - if not more. They intend to bring their full weight down on Consul Greaves' armies, and carve up Calradia's economic northern heartland for their own, to bolster their own statuses and destroy Calradia as a global power. 

     The government is headed by the King of Balion, then the Geroian Military Ambassador and the Crown Prince of Jumne.


The Coalition Host consists of:

Line 1 - The King's Balion Footmen 

Line 2 - The 84th Combined Geroian Infantry Regiment

Line 3 - The Nordland 12th Mountain Infantry

Line 4 - The 44th Balion Infantry Regiment

Guards - The Mercantile Guard of Geroia

Rifles - The 12th (Crown Prince's Own) Jumne Rifles

Dragoons - The 15th Geroian Dragoons

Hussars - The Royal Hussars of Balion

Lancers - The 30th Jumne Hussars

Heavy Cav - The Royal Balionese Guard



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