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Medal Application - real rat

real rat

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real rat
  • Name
    Medal application - Rat
  • Requested medal(s)
    Sapper's badge
  • Vouches
    None, but Kel and grumble should both be able to vouch for how effective my sapperwork was.
  • Reason(s)
    During Royal court rp, the king wanted to raze Grumble's fishing village, we had a good bit of time to prepare before he actually sent his army though, which is when i built my bastion and the bridge connecting it to the main village (outlined in light blue, pic 1)
    So anyways, the king's goons attacked and murdered everyone not up on the bastion without taking any casualties themselves, leaving only me, Kelaynax and Grumble alive, of us, only me and Kel could fight, and we only had a light cavalry sabre and a pike between us, while we were facing 5 dudes, all with heavy cavalry swords and many with armor.

    Needless to say, as shown in the pictures and the killfeed, we whooped their asses, the teeny tiny narrow bridge allowed only one of them to attack with their swords, while Kel could focus on defending, while i wrecked their shit with my pike (see picture 2 for kill-feed).
    What i'm saying is, my sapperworks saved us, as it completely nullified the enemy's numbers, and actually made them a disadvantage, as Ugandan fell onto the spikes under the bridge and was stuck, not being able to do anything. So not only did my sapperworks just defend us, it actually neutralised one enemy, which i feel is pretty rare unless it's something like a skybase.
    All while we weren't even hit once.
  • Visual Proof 1
  • Visual Proof 2
  • Visual Proof 3
  • Visual Proof 4
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