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Pew Pew You're Dead

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Pew Pew You're Dead

A changelog of server changes to NRP and possibly other 59th servers if they affect NRP.



Added Donator skins for those who donated/requested a skin since 01/03/18


Added admin tools to allow editing of items;

Admins can now delete all items including dropped items.

Admins can now add any item to themselves.
Admins can now add any item to everyone on the server.

Admins can now add any item to everyone on a team.


Changes will go live at next server restart.



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The ability to change the bots into a certain class ( Change all Bots to Partizani, cav, or sailor) (Reset on map change) has now been added to the server along with the following:


 A button you push that brings up a list that lets people

Give themselves Items (Teacup / Cup/ Botte(Bottle that cant be used as a wep )

Give themselves ALL Hats and Gloves (Turn on/off)

Animations  Sitting /Standing up / Cheer (Turn on/off)

Can Enforce Rifle class

The Ability to teleport a single team to one location

The ability to teleport ALL to one location


A Admin ranking system, so an Admin with a high rank can ban another admin in-game.


You can now Click on a players name and click warn, first warn it sends a private message, 2nd time it slays 3rd it kicks, 4th temp ban, 5th permanent ban
(This should be reset when server resets so we don’t have to keep a database)


proximity chat to the server Hotkey is "O" for Players, "K" For Admins.
Admins can turn the ability to read proximity chat.
When they enable this function they can also talk to the living while dead, if theyre in spectator.


Can now change boat speed from 1-1000% (100% being normal speed)




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September's Server update

Personal stat tracker added in "B" menu (Activated only for NWE)

Personal skins added to "B" menu, no longer need to download the donator panel

NRP Loggers can now add custom skins themselves without the need of the scripter.

Can now select clothing to spawn yourself in the B menu   (Update for NARC)

Added "No Round end" feature, so if everyone dies, the round doesn't end. (Update for NARC)

- Server Bug Fixes-
Admin ranks fixed so a higher ranked admin can ban a lower ranked admin in-game

Custom skins users unable to see beacon has been fixed

Custom Skin users can't switch weapons has been fixed

Custom Welcome Messages work again


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New chat for officers

When officers press O (K if you have the Admin Tool installed), they can type in a special officer chat. Messages sent there will only show up to non-officers from the sender's line with a tag and more visible colour than regular chat.
However, this replaces local chat.

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Merged officer chat with local chat 

Officer chat is now displayed in blue 

Marines being shown wrong officer beacon is fixed 

Officers get reduced ranged damage when beacons are on (except when musket in hand)

Added an option to disable spawning with grenades

General not being able to use F key orders is fixed. Removed that feature from cav officers

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Added Reinforcement Linebattle script - every regiment will dynamically spawn at their regimental flag and depending on their class they will slowly drain the tickets of their teams until they cannot spawn anymore. Officers can press V to display all the people who use their class. You can return to the spawnpoint to respawn your teammates. Works only in Team Deathmatch. All settings can be found here

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