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In what may be the speediest turnaround for any NRP Campaign ever, I am pleased to announce the creation of a truly innovative NRP Campaign:




Basic information:

-The first event of the campaign will take place on 10th of September. Events will happen at 21:00 CEST, every Saturday and Sunday on "NW_Public_Events" server. Event calendar

-Events will be completely public, everyone can participate

-If you wish to take part in leading a faction, apply here  - remember to create an account first!

-You can follow progress of the campaign on the interactive map here

-Event rules: 


Battle Phase Terminology

  1. Not Live The game has not started yet, or has ended.
  2. Live The game has started and rounds lost/won will influence the campaign.
  3. All charge All players must stop reloading and attack the enemies closest to their position.
  4. In an all charge the admins will remove all ammo leaving muskets with one single shot which may be fired during the all-charge.


Battle Rules


  • Officer Rules
  1. Follow your Officer of the correct class. (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head)
  2. All Cav must follow General (Flag-beacon displayed on top of his head)
  3. If your officer is killed, stay in a group until you find another Officer.
  • All-charge Rules
  1. No Firing a cannon after all-charge is called
  2. No reloading during an all-charge
  3. No retreating during an all-charge
  • Basic Server Rules
  1. Do not Rambo. (Not following an officer)
  2. No spamming in-chat
  3. No BP waste/sapper spam or waste of BP
  • Public Play Rules
  1. Crouching is allowed
  2. Firing in charge is allowed.
  3. Officer Aiming allowed

Note for Regiments* You will not be exempt from the officer rules, if you want to fight together then you will need someone in the officer class to follow


So what can you expect to see from this campaign?

-New, improved, complex mechanics

-Increased freedom for faction leadership

-New maps 

-New unit skins

-New server-side scripts


And what's this campaign actually about?

After the incessant warfare beginning in 1257, the foundations were laid for one great empire to rise. Slowly, they conquered. Savvy political alliances and superior martial might made them the foremost continental power. Some nations were conquered. Others became insignificant satellite states. The ancient cultures of others simply could not keep up, and they fell into obscurity. As time marched on, the divinity of sword and bow gave way to musket and cannon. The empire's princes and lords bickered among themselves. Their rivals found unity in the enlightened ideals of democracy, or beneath the auspices of singular mighty men, each ready to mould the coming world in their righteous image. This empire has fallen, and its two greatest rivals sharpen their bayonets and prepare to march on the road of smoke and steel into eternal glory...


This upcoming campaign will see two factions clash in their quest to conquer the remains of a once unmatched empire. 






Stay tuned over the next few days as we release more devblogs.

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